crafted by photobiz

Possessing a distinctive cache of traditional photography skills, Itaysha Jordan seamlessly fuses her expertise with the tools of the digital world. Her work is exceptional in its ability to connect with the needs of her varied client base, while maintaining her soulful creative vision. Having shot emergent talent from the modeling industry, as well as notables from the entertainment world, Itaysha continues to expand the boundaries of fashion and beauty photography. By inserting elements of Art history and (Popular) Culture, she is inspired by the strengths of her subjects, and successfully captures moments that stretch beyond the expected. This has consequently captured the attention of many iconic figures. Both a collaborator and a visionary, Ms. Jordan is committed to the growing movement of diversity in the commercial art realm.


“I’ve always been attracted to the idea of fantasy- a creative space that is constructed entirely from the mind. The world of Fashion and Beauty is a wonderful place to experiment with that…”

- Itaysha Jordan